Core Decision Analytics Releases “The YIMBY Index” Report

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Core Decision Analytics Releases “The YIMBY Index” Report

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., (Sept. 14, 2020) — A new comprehensive examination of Bay Area voters shows that the growing housing crisis is leading voters to favor measures encouraging local development.  Released today by FSB Public Affairs, this detailed quantitative study conducted by Core Decision Analytics (CODA) consisting of n=800 Bay Area Voters (“the YIMBY INDEX”) uncovered strong support for “Yes In My Backyard” measures, though classic “NIMBY-ism” sentiment persists and concerns about local control may impede more housing units from being built.

By a 3:1 margin, the majority of voters across nine Bay Area counties say the housing crisis is worse in their part of California (51% “worse in my part” versus 17% “worse in other parts”). Adding to the crisis, voters overwhelmingly say the problem of homeless has gotten worse in their community (72%).

“Across all nine counties, voters assert they want new residential housing construction – not simply throughout the Bay Area overall, but also in their local communities,” said Adam Rosenblatt, President of Core Decision Analytics. “The economic fallout of COVID is leading many residents to shift from a NIMBY to a YIMBY mindset. In fact, when asked about potential development projects, residents see these projects as having a positive – not negative impact – on their local communities.”

The YIMBY INDEX also examined voter attitudes on several major policy proposals on housing that were recently considered by the Legislature in Sacramento. As detailed in the full report and spotlighted summary below, these include bills from legislators including SB 1120 from Senate President pro Tempore Toni Atkins (Senate District 39 / San Diego), SB 902 from Senator Scott Weiner (Senate District 11 / San Francisco), AB3040 from Assemblymember David Chiu (Assembly District 17 / San Francisco), and AB1851 from Assemblymember Buffy Wicks (Assembly District 15 / East Bay).

While Bay Area voters are favorable to many housing measures recently discussed in the Capitol, there is a limit to what efforts they are willing to support – such as ceding control away from local communities. By a 2:1 margin, Bay Area voters say local communities should have the right to control the type and pace of homebuilding development within their own communities.  By contrast, 26% are supportive of mandates coming from state officials to “take action when policies by local officials prevent new homebuilding and development within their own communities.”

While ‘local control’ enjoys the support a slim majority of voters (53%), it is important to note that fully one in five (21%) say they are undecided on this topic.

“Our Bay Area YIMBY INDEX shows that voters are demanding action on housing,” said Frank Rizzo, President of FSB Public Affairs. “If local officials block efforts for desperately needed housing and development, support for local control on housing may erode. Inaction is likely to push those currently undecided towards favoring state mandates.”

While 63% of voter support developers building housing near transit stations around the Bay Area, that number falls to only 47% support for housing near transit in their community. Sixty-nine percent (69%) of Bay area voters support the goals of SB 1120, which would allow expedited reviews for the construction of accessor dwelling units or ‘granny flats.’

FSB Public Affairs and Core Decision Analytics are will be conducting additional studies focused on housing issues in other parts of California and well as other major US cities. 

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Download the full report below.